• Jennifer Tolento

6 steps to planning the perfect barn wedding

Barn weddings have been the must have wedding venue for several years now and although they hold endless possibilities for amazing photos and themed décor, it can also be challenging to plan the logistics of a wedding at a facility if its not modernized with essentials. Read below some ways to avoid potential snags and the solutions to help make you and your guests overjoyed with the reception at the end of the night.

1. Check with your municipality for where the barn is located and see if there is a noise ordinance after a certain hour. You may have to schedule your ceremony and reception around this ordinance in order to have a full reception. Many towns have a 10pm rule and your band or DJ will not be able to play music after that time. Also check if alcohol is allowed on the premises, some buildings and barns in public parks do not allow alcohol.

2. Set aside a budget for extra barn related necessities. When renting a barn you will most likely be responsible for tables, chairs, lighting, generators, clean up crew and porta johns. The best thing to do is chose a barn that typically hosts weddings as they will be more inclined to provide referrals for what you will need or have it for you to rent. If not, your best bet is to work with a planner who has experience with barn weddings and will be aware of the logistics you may encounter.

3. Check that the grounds are easily accessible for guests to park and that handicapped or elderly family members can get around. Ask yourself these questions when looking at the grounds not just how breathtaking the landscape is. Will it be muddy if it rains? are the paths very rocky? These are important things to consider for the comfort and safety of your guests.

4.Have a bug plan! Butterflies and birds flying around can be romantic, but smacking little pests away from biting you is not. Make sure to have citronella candles around the perimeter of the barn and stock up on scented bug spray to leave in the bathrooms if needed by guests.. If possible have a team spray the grounds the day before your wedding if its in the summer or near a lake where it can get especially buggy.

5. Very few barns are climate controlled and depending on the time of year you get married your guests may be sweating or freezing. Have a weather proof plan by providing extra fans for summer and early fall as well as paper fans which can be printed and personalized for your wedding. In the spring and winter months have heat lamps and shawls in a pretty basket if guests are a little chilly.

6. Utilize the barn theme and keep to rustic casual décor. When guests hear barn wedding they think country, laid back and casual with great finger foods and dancing. Don't disappoint by making it too formal and not keeping with the design element of rustic, romantic and fun. Think lanterns, country-chic, simple linens and romantic lighting. Its a great way to save on décor!

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