• Jennifer Tolento

5 things you don't have but may need for your wedding

With so many details to think about there is a chance you have over looked some very important essentials or questioned if you actually need them. As a wedding planner. I'm here to tell you the 5 items that you shouldn't dismiss from your list of must have's.

1. Have a plan B in case of snow or rain. You may be dreaming of an outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour on the beach but the weather may not cooperate. Ask your venue what the back up plan is if your nuptials are planned outside and check out some nearby indoor locations that could make for good photo ops in case you can't take your pictures outside.

2. Reserve an Uber on Call. As newlyweds, you may be riding back to the hotel in style but for guests who maybe had a little too much fun at the wedding it's best to be safe. Create a sign at the coat check letting your friends and family know that they can just enter your code to get a ride. Uber is much faster and cheaper than calling a taxi. Your guests will be grateful.

3. A Wedding Planner. The biggest misconception about hiring a planner is that it won't fit into your budget. In fact, hiring the right planner can save you a lot more money then they cost you due to their ability to negotiate with their vendors and experience. They are the best people to help you pull off what you have always envisioned.

4. Wedding Insurance. Check with your venue and vendors to see if they have insurance which covers postponement or cancellation of the wedding due to circumstances beyond your control. This would include the venue going out of business, sickness or injury to the bride and groom, or a weather event. If you don't feel as though your hired professionals have you covered it's best to take out a policy on this expensive day.

5. How to make an exit. It doesn't matter how you plan to exit your reception just that you make a plan to do so. Is the night going to end with you changing into a getaway outfit and your limo whisking you off to your honeymoon suite? or with your guests all exiting onto a terrace to see you off with sparklers? You want the wedding to feel complete by having a final activity, dance or sweet treat as they evening wraps up.

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