Wedding tech-etiquette

In the tech savvy world we live in today it is easy to get caught up with friends, news and current events at the touch of a social media app, but there are still times when proper etiquette must be followed when it comes to social media and planning a wedding is one of them.

To ensure you don't commit a tech faux-pas, make sure you follow some of these guidelines.

Call or visit with your immediate families before announcing your engagement on social media. Your parents and future in-laws do not want to see all the congratulatory messages on Facebook or Instagram before they hear from you.

It's ok to post pictures of your new bling on social media, but keep the carat size, cost and all the other details about the ring to yourself. People want to see how beautiful your ring is not hear about how much money your fiance' spent on it.

Send out traditional paper invitations and thank you cards for the wedding day, this sets the tone and anticipation for your guests. Evites and emails are acceptable for pre-wedding festivities such as, a rehearsal dinner, bachelor/bachelorette parties or even engagement parties depending on how formal it is.

Do come up with a clever #hashtag for the wedding. Your guests will all be able to capture moments that you probably didn't get to see or know about and they can all be posted and found under a unique moniker for your day. #eatdrinkandbenewlastname #lastnamepartyof2 are some popular ones.

Stay off your phone on the day of your wedding! This is one moment that you want to be present in and if you have your head buried in your phone posting about how this is the happiest day of your life you could be missing out on how your new husband is looking at you with complete joy that you are his new bride. If you feel you just have to give your friends and family who couldn't be with you a play by play, designate a bridesmaid to be your social media guru for the day.

Do set up Pinterest boards for inspiration, not only will this help give you ideas of the theme and over all look for your wedding but you can easily explain to a wedding planner, florists or bridal boutique what your are looking for.

Technology definitely has its advantages when planning for a wedding. Today 89% of brides use some sort of wedding planning app to help plan and stay on track or post on social media asking for references and opinions.

As social media has become new wedding crasher, some couples haven't embraced it and do have mixed feelings about their guests over exposing the private moments of their day. Stats are showing that 31% of couples are limiting their guests from sharing photos of their wedding before viewing them. How do you feel about guests posting pictures on social media about your wedding day?

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