Top wedding planning mistakes and how to avoid them

Many couples today decide they want to DIY most of their wedding planning in order to save money, but if you are not careful or organized this can actually end up costing you more time and money then if you hired a professional planner. Here are some of the most common pit falls that newly engaged couples tend to make in the planning process and how to avoid them.

Don't do anything before you decide on the number of guests you will be inviting to the wedding. The guest list will dictate the type of wedding you will be having and the budget set for everything else including the venue all the way to the number of tables you need to order centerpieces. It is important to sit down with both sets of family members and find out how many people they would like to invite especially if you are both paying for the wedding.

After your guest list has been finalized its time to move onto the budget. The biggest mistake couples can make is starting out the process without a budget in mind. You may not have any idea what a wedding will cost you but you need to figure out what you both can afford and if any family members will be contributing. It's no fun to find the venue of your dreams only to figure out its way more then you can afford. The knot. has some great online budget tools that you can use.

When you come up with a theme or color scheme make sure you are positive about it, once you start ordering invitations, decorations, bridesmaids dresses and other elements it can get very costly to go back and change the color palette for all of these items. If you start throwing in additional colors and themes on top of what is set in place, the style of the wedding will look confused and not cohesive to your original style.

Planning a wedding without a professional can be overwhelming and turn into a full time job even without all the extra DIY to do's you found on Pintrest. Instead of taking on too many time consuming projects, find two that you really love and focus on those details. Before you get started with any wedding crafts, do a little research about how much time and money it will take to create these little must have's or try to find a ready made version that will make you just as happy.

Something will go wrong, so don't panic! Your invitations came in wrong, the bridesmaids dresses are backordered, the venue doesn't have the linen colors you wanted, all things that could go wrong during the planning process when you are going at it without a professional. The best thing to do is not to panic, there is a solution and if you take a deep breath(after having a bridal meltdown) you will figure out the best way to handle it. When planning an event of this size with so many moving parts you have to expect a few hiccups and don't let it make you crazy.

When in doubt hire a Wedding Planner!

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