How to throw the perfect bridal shower

For many years it was considered proper etiquette for the maid/matron of honor and attendants to host, pay and plan the bridal shower. According to Emily Post, this is still the proper etiquette, however times have changed and today it is acceptable for anyone to throw the bridal shower. If this task has landed in your lap and you feel a little overwhelmed with what to do and where to start, read on for some great tips, ideas and suggestions for hosting a beautiful bridal shower that the guests and most importantly the bride will love!

Start off with a party plan, which basically means ask yourself some of these questions..... Is it going to be a surprise? what is your budget? Then talk to those closest to the bride and find out what dates they are available before setting a date and time for the shower. The MOB may want to lend a hand so talk to her and see if she has any ideas or suggestions. Next you should think about what kind of party the bride would enjoy. Does she like cooking? maybe you have it at a culinary school with a lesson from a chef! Is she into being pampered? Maybe you host it as a spa or makeover party at someone's home with a beauty consultant. Couples' showers are also very popular today if the couple has a lot of mutual friends that are married or dating. What ever you decide it should be with the bride in mind since the point is to honor her with an enjoyable day.

Once the budget, date and theme are set you should think about the guest list. Typically anyone invited to the shower would also be invited to the wedding so make sure both lists coincide. The ideal time to throw the shower is about two months before the wedding so that the wedding plans are firm. Send out invitations six to eight weeks before the event and have the RSVP go to one person who can keep the guest count organized. Find out where the couple is registered and include the links in the invitation to make it easier for guests to purchase a gift.

For some great shower decorating ideas go to my pinterest page: For more planning tips and information visit:

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