How to plan a budget friendly wedding

The New York Metropolitan area is by far the most expensive place to get married and have a reception. So what’s a couple to do if they want to host a wedding to celebrate with friends and family without breaking the bank? Well for starters you seek out a wedding planner who knows where to get you the best deals! I am currently planning two weddings in the Monmouth County area with budgets of less than $15,000 and they will both not only be beautiful but will stay within the couple’s finances.

Although you may think spending money on a wedding planner is counterproductive when trying to be smart with your finances, it will actually save you more money in the end. A good wedding planner will end up saving you more then what you paid for them. The key to a budget friendly wedding is to keep the affair as intimate as possible, 50-75 guests at most. This will drastically cut your food and beverage tab which accounts for 50-60% of your budget. Most people think you can only save money by getting married in an off peak season but this is not the case. Both of the weddings I am planning are in the peak months of the year but are on Friday nights when there is a little less demand but still during a beautiful time of year.

By utilizing my vendors who I feel are the best and most price aggressive in the area, I was able to have my clients build a custom package with catering, photography and florists so they didn’t sacrifice what they wanted but were flexible enough to know where we could cut corners and save money. I always like my clients to give me a list of must have items at their wedding to see what is most important to them. Many times couples feel they have to incorporate and pay for certain things at their reception even if it’s not something they care about. These are the best items to cut out of the budget. The day is about you and your spouse and should reflect your personality and unique style.

Another way we kept the cost down was by renting a unique space for the reception. When you keep your guest list small it opens up many affordable possibilities of where the wedding can take place. You would be surprised how many beautiful local lofts, barns, parks and churches that have room rentals at unbelievable rates. Decorating these spaces is the key to making the wedding elegant and custom to your taste. Pipe and drape, lighting and rental items can do wonders for a space that may need a little love and can be done at an affordable price when you utilize your wedding planner as the event designer.

If you need assistance planning a beautiful and budget friendly wedding check out Jennifer Tolento Events for all of your planning needs.

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