How to create the perfect Wedding Hashtag #LetsGetCreative

One of the most popular details of any wedding today is coming up with a unique hashtag so friends and family can snap pictures and post them on Instgram. For those of you over the age of 30, this option has replaced the disposable cameras that were sometimes put on each table encouraging your guests to snap away at your wedding.

So how do you come up with a unique hashtag showing off your personality? Well for starters, it should do just that! Think about what makes your relationship unique; Did you meet at the beach? #OurLoveIsAShoreThing

Does your new hubby love sports cars? #RacingToTheAlter

Have you been dating for years or has this been a whirlwind romance? A good way to ensure that no one else will have your hashtag if you are not using your names is to put your wedding date or year at the end; #FinallyHitchedOnMarch5

If you get stuck with not finding a way to incorporate any of these details you can simply start with both of your names or your new last name. For instance, #CantWaitToBeALastName #HappilyEverLastName #LastNamePartyOf2

Make sure to buy a cute sign for your customized hashtag to put near a photo booth or prop stand for guests to take fun photos. There are so many ETSY shops that have cute signs you can personalize and download to print yourself for cheap! Also, capitalize the first letter of each word, it makes it easier for people to figure out what it is. Most importantly, have fun with it and be creative! This is a great way to show off your sense of humor, the tone for your wedding and your new found marital status.

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