How do I choose the right wedding photographer?

After your wedding day is over and you have settled into married life the most exciting thing is waiting for your wedding photos to come in so you can re-live your magical day all over again. Unlike the other vendors you hire (entertainment, flowers etc.) the photos will be all that's left to show for your wedding day. That means careful research is required to make sure you are not only getting a professional in the industry, but one who suites your taste and style.

Today there are many different styles of photography to choose from, the first step is knowing which one appeals to you. Maybe you like documentary style, which is more candid and spontaneous shots. These are never posed or styled, they could be laughing with your bridesmaids, your father giving you a sweet kiss on the cheek, your guests doing a shot at the bar. You will rarely see anyone looking at the camera as this style tells the story about your day.

Portrait style is a more traditional type of photography and is something you will see in your parents wedding album. More of a posed in front of a back drop sort of feel. These types of pictures are great to get even if this isn't your style because its a time when most of your family and extended family will be together and you will cherish a photo like this long after some of them are gone.

Edgy-Art styled photography is more about the angles in which the shot is taken. For instance, a photo of you exchanging vows at the alter might be tilted with the focus in on the alter with you blended in the background or photos taken from above looking down and focusing on objects around you rather then on you.

Many photographers are versatile and can blend a combination of some or all styles, but if there is a special style you love, make sure to focus on photographers who are experienced in that style and take a look at their work. Start by reading reviews, checking out their websites and blogs to get a sense if they will be a good fit and have a respectable reputation. Or you can hire a wedding planner and utilize her recommended lists of photographers that will save you time and money.

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