5 Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones at your Wedding

When deciding how to include and remember a lost loved one on your wedding day keep in mind how long ago that person has passed and what feels right to you. If a particular loved one passed away only a few months ago you don't want to put a mood of sadness over your big day by making yourself and your family members upset. 

1. Keep a seat for them at the ceremony...this is a good way to honor a grandparent or parent who had passed on and would have been a part of your ceremony. Consider placing a photo of you and them together on the seat with a special bow.

2. Light a candle at the ceremony....this can be done to include several loved ones that have passed on from either side of the family.

3. Set up a memory table at your entrance to the reception...this again can be done when you have several family members you would like to honor. Place photos of them from their wedding day, photos of you with them and candles with a beautiful rememberance plaque.

4. Have their name included in the program of the ceremony....if you would like to subtly mention your loved one who is no longer here, this is a great way to acknowledge them without making the family very emotional about it.

5. Wear something they gave you or bequeathed you when they passed. Maybe a grandparent left a piece of jewelry or you have a hankerchief of your grandfathers. Wear or use the item to feel close to them and that they are a special part of your day. 

When deciding what the best option is remember to think about how much attention you want to draw to this memorial, how appropriate is it for your relationship with them and how fresh the wound is from losing this person. You want it to make you feel a closeness to their memory not make yourself upset on your wedding day!

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