How to deal with guests who don't RSVP!!

The last few months of wedding planning can be ultra stressful! Last minute details are being finalized and all the those little tasks can be the biggest nuisance at the end. Take for instance the response mail out your invitations the standard eight weeks ahead of time with a convienant return envelope pre addressed and stamped with a response date and of course you have non responsive guests after the deadline.

The first thing to do is keep a spreadsheet of guest responses and begin contacting the ones who didn't respond or put a number of guests attending. Try to recruite some family members to get involved to call Uncle Joe and see if he plans to attend.

If you cannot get in touch with all outstanding invites you cannot just assume they aren't attending or that the cousin you invited solo doesn't show up with a guest. In this case I like to advise a back up table where all those black balled guests will sit for their lack of courtesy for not responding! If you have a wedding planner  or event coordinator on hand, allow her to direct these guests to the spare table so they dont try squeezing in an already full table.

You may feel like they don't deserve the courtesy and instead should get a throat punch but at the end of the day you still need to act as the gracious host. This extra table will eliminate any drama, embarrassment or potential arguments on your wedding day!

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