Wedding Coordinator vs Venue Coordinator

At most of my free consultations with couples I get asked, "what is the difference between what you do and what the venue coordinator does"? Do I need both? The answer is a big fat YES! Although both jobs are equally important and as planners we rely heavily on the venue coordinator to make sure all of the elements at the venue are running on schedule (set up, cocktail hour, dinner etc.) our tasks are very different.

Let me fill you in on the tasks that the venue coordinator will NOT be handling for you:

Your venue coordinator will not create a comprehensive timeline outlining the days events from start to finish.

They will not be with you in the morning making sure you and your bridal party are ready with hair and make up for the photographer.

They will not check all your vendor contracts and make sure all the details are confirmed and accurate.

A venue coordinator will not sew a rip in your bridesmaids dress that she made with her heel 10 minutes before walking down the aisle.

They will not send an assistant to Men's Warehouse because one of your groomsmen realized he lost his bow tie.

They will not hold onto a list of must shoot photos you want and make sure the photographer takes them all.

A venue coordinator will not call your limo company or florist if they are late showing up.

They will not line your bridal party up at the ceremony and make sure they know what to do.

They will not have an emergency kit handy with hair spray, bobby pins and stain remover should you need a quick touch up.

A venue coordinator works for the venue, we work for you. Our primary focus is too make sure all the planning comes together not just what takes place at the venue.

For more information on wedding coordinator packages check out Jennifer Tolento Events.

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