Top 5 reasons to do a "First Look"

A recent trend with couples the past few years is to capture pictures with a moment called a "First Look" This is when you schedule pictures to be taken of the first time you see each other before the actuall wedding ceremony.

Traditionally it was always considered bad luck to see the bride before the wedding but times and traditions are changing and there are many pros to electing to capture this moment together!

  1. It will calm both of your nerves

The morning of the wedding it is inevitable that you will both be nervous wondering if the day will go as planned and hoping that nothing will turn your dream wedding into a nightmare. (This is why you hire a coordinator btw) seeing eachother before you are about to profess your life long commitment to each other in front of 150 of your closets friends and family will take the edge off and remind you why you planned this day in the first place.

2. It will leave more time to enjoy your cocktail hour and reception

Planning to get most of your pictures together pre ceremony frees up a lot of time after the ceremony when you would usually take photos and allows you to enjoy time with your bridal party and guests at the cocktail hour and reception instead of being pulled away for photos.

3. It captures the most intimate moment 

My absolute favorite part of a wedding is when the couple sees each other coming down the aisle for the first time! With doing a first look you get to privately enjoy the emotions and capture every reaction in a photo shoot and video to cherish forever.

4. Time Alone

The wedding day is about the two of you becoming one yet the whole day is celebrated with your friends and family and you don't really get to talk with each other about your feelings and emotions throughout the day. A first look gives you a chance to spend some time alone talking, laughing, embracing and enjoying a private moment that's about the two of you coming together to start your life together.

5. Better Pictures

Some of my favorite pictures I receive from weddings I have planned are from the "First Look." The pure emotion and joy in the couples expression truly tells their story as opposed to the posed pictures that tend to happen after a ceremony. It opens up a whole new level of creativity for the photographer to capture and work with your true reaction to the moment. You will look back and the photo and remember exactly what you were feeling.

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