Top 2018 trends from a Wedding Planner

As 2017 comes to an end and couples begin planning the details of their 2018 weddings they all want to know how to make their day unique. Every year new ideas and trends are created by talented wedding planners, floral designers and wedding vendors all over the world. 

Here’s a look at what I see trending for 2018 as a New York and New Jersey wedding planner and the details to that will bring them to life.

Navy will be the new black

As an alternative to formal black suits and tuxedos, brides and grooms are opting for dark blue, navy and midnight as the neutral shade in their wedding’s color scheme. It is showing up not only in the grooms attire but in the invitations, flowers, linens and bridesmaids dresses.  

Rose Gold is out Silver and Chrome Metallics are in 

Rose gold, brass and gold accents have been very popular the last few years and while metallics are here to stay they are now is shades of silver and chrome. This trend is being influenced by many home decor furnishings seen in stores. Lanterns, picture frames and floral vessels is where this trend pops as an accent.

Entertaining Receptions 

Couples getting married in 2018 are more concerned with the experience their guests will have at their wedding then ever before. This means a lot of interactive food stations (build your own) and unique photo booths that are decorative such as a floor length touch screen mirror without the cheesy props. 

Food is a top priority

Engaged couples are not just looking for delicious food, they are looking for fun, creative and unique comfort food that bring back memories and speaks to their guests as to the type of wedding experience they are going to have. This means more Mac and Cheese stations and less meat carving at the cocktail hour. Variety and fun finger foods is key here such as roll your own sushi, mashed potato bar, boardwalk station with french fries and dipping sauces. Food and dessert trucks continue to be a fun end of the night treat increasing in popularity for 2018.

Rustic has gotten more formal

We are seeing more of a lean towards enchanted garden and woodsy then rustic. More formal elements have been incorporated into this casual theme by adding elegant lighting and whimsical decor. The mason jars have been replaced with cylinder vases with submerged florals, greenery and floating candles. 

As the new year progresses we will continue to set the bar on how to make each wedding unique and one of a kind, just like each couple we work with!

For more information on wedding planning and trends visit us at Jennifer Tolento Events.

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