Just Got Engaged? What to do next..

Engagement season may be coming to an end, but the wedding planning has just begun! If you recently said yes than it’s time to start thinking about what the next steps to planning your wedding will be! First...enjoy your engagement! There will be so much time to share on social media and talk about the excitement with friends and family. Make sure you soak in the moment and spend time with your fiancé! As you start telling people about your engagement, there will be a lot of opinion...just smile and nod! Your wedding vision will not be theirs and should represent you as a couple!

Talk to your your fiancé about what you want out of your wedding day. Make a list of each of your priorities and get on the same page! There are many details that go into a wedding! The first steps you want to take as an engaged couple are to determine some of the bigger pieces that help start the planning process. The most important things to consider initially are date, budget, and guest list. It’s important to be flexible on all three. Your initial budget is a good starting point but often will change depending on finances or when you see what your style and taste actually costs.  Lastly, your guest list... I suggest using the Marie Kondo method of “Does this person spark joy!” before adding them to the list. You then want to discuss who both families would like to invite. Try to give each side a head count to work with so they are not inviting their favorite check out girl at Shoprite! Last....Hire your planner! The best way to have everything you are planning stay organized is to hire a wedding planner to keep you on task. Your wedding planner will provide you resources and endless information.

An initial consultation will allow you to communicate what your vision is and let you see if you vibe with the planner. Having a wedding planner is the best way to keep an outline of what has been done and what will come next as well as get recommendations from the best in the business!

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