How to find the perfect wedding dress and know when you’ve found it!

Finding your wedding dress can be as complicated as finding that someone you want to marry in it! To make the process less stressful than finally finding the love of your life, we broke it down into a few easy steps:

1. Try on a little bit of each style. You may go dress shopping with one silhouette in mind and you may even be right that it’s the best fit for you!  But don’t cheat yourself out of the experience of seeing what the whole store has to offer. Have the stylist at the dress shop help you be a little adventurous and try on styles you’d normally not gravitate to. It’s important go through this process to know so you know what you like and dislike don’t in order to help you know for sure you found the one! 2. Shop when you’re in the mood. Don’t go into dress shopping if you’re tired, cranky or feeling bloated. Shopping with a negative mindset will be counterintuitive to your goal to find the perfect wedding dress. Also, you want to go prepared...That means showing up at the boutique with everything you need such as shoes and undergarments for different silhouettes. Feeling confident with yourself will always help in making you feel gorgeous when you try on, for me getting a fresh blow out usually does the trick! You may also want to consider shopping alone if you feel certain friends or family members will distract or overwhelm you.

3. Take lots of pictures.

 You’ll want shots of all of your favorite dresses from different angles. Pictures help us see how the dress not only photographs but how we look photographed in it!  After you say yes to the dress however, delete the others as you don’t want to potentially give yourself reasons to doubt your choice. 4. Know when it’s time to stop trying on and make a decision!  When you begin to have several favorites that you can’t decide between, it’s time to stop trying on and narrow down what’s already a contender. Not everyone gets that “this is defenitly the one” moment the first time they try on the dress they actually chose. So don’t wait for that moment to come and over look what you already loved because you didn’t break down and cry when you walked onto the platform. 5. It’s a keeper.

The same as saying your wedding vows, you basically make a life time commitment and won’t be able to take them back. This goes for wedding dresses too. You ordered it, you bought it! Don’t torture yourself looking in any more stores, online or magazines because the deal is final unless you want to anti up and pay for a second dress and ruin your budget. Yes, there might be another perfect dress out there for you but you need to remind yourself to stop searching because you have found it and you are officially off the dress market.

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